Terms and Conditions

Below is a list of terms and conditions associated with holiday renting properties through Allocate.

Please note that Allocate is acting as agent on behalf of the owner of this property.

A reference to Allocate includes a reference to the owner where applicable.

Please note the owner of the house has discretion to determine what he/she seems a fair and reasonable amount of bond or all of bond if any of below conditions are not met or adhered to.



The number of persons staying the night is not to exceed numbers stated, without express permission from Allocate; day guests are allowed, but must behave within the rules of the house and respect neighbouring properties and persons.  Allocate reserves the right to charge additionally per person, or immediate eviction, or bond forfeiture if more than stated numbers are found to have slept at property.



An inspection by an Allocate representative or Security representative may be conducted at any time if Allocate has concerns regarding damage, noise or number of people staying overnight at the property exceeds numbers stated on application form.



A deposit is required to confirm your booking. Should you wish to cancel, this is not refundable unless Allocate can rebook the property for the entire period of the cancellation.



The rent is not refundable unless Allocate can rebook the property for the entire period of the cancellation.



The bond will be refunded within approximately 7 days of your departure provided the property is left in a clean condition, with all rubbish removed from inside the property and no damage caused. Rubbish must not be left outside the bins and non-recycle rubbish must not be left in recycle bins as council will not pick up such rubbish. Rubbish removal will be charged at a minimum of $80 per hour + tip charges. Security Bond will be used to cover incidental items such as (but not limited to) – any breakages or damage caused during your stay, any excess cleaning charges, above the normal level of cleaning, due to the property being left in an unacceptable state – or – recovery of payment for any other additional services required to be performed to bring the property back to the state and condition it was in prior to your entry to the property, any overuse of pool and/or spa heating, excessive over use of internet and the like.



Property must be vacated by the departure time. If cleaners need to wait to get access then a $100 rescheduling fee will apply. If additional cleaning above 3 hours is required then a minimum cleaning charge at $60 per hour will be charged ($80 per hour on weekends and public holidays).


  1. BBQ must be left clean otherwise an additional cleaning fee of $60 will be charged.




Strictly no pets permitted without the express prior approval from the owner. There is a $1000 penalty if pets are brought to the property without permission from Allocate. There must be no signs left of the pet inside or outside when you leave if you gain permission to bring pets


  1. All bookings subject to owner’s approval.



Strictly no smoking indoors – a fee of $1000 will apply if signs of smoking inside has occured.  Any signs left of smoking outside will also incur a fee of $200. Make sure there are no butts left outside !!


  1. Providing misleading information will forfeit the bond.



All our holiday houses are located in quiet residential streets. No parties are to be held during your stay. Music must not disturb neighbours. The definition of a party is large numbers of people over and above those stated on the rental application, or loud music which may be disturbing to the neighbours – bond forfeiture will apply.







There is a $2000 fine if any of the above occur in our holiday houses. If the house you have rented is found to have an unauthorised event or function greater than the number of guests the property has been booked for, this may result in immediate eviction, loss of bond and can carry hefty council fines which will be forwarded to guests to pay.


  1. KEYS

After the stay all keys must be returned to where they were obtained from at the beginning of the stay or a fee of $60 shall be deducted from the bond. Where key safes are installed in properties keys must not be forced in or the key safe may be damaged. In the event of the key safe being damaged a fee of $100 shall be deducted from the bond. Key safe codes must not be changed. In the event of a code change the key safe and their key contents will become unusable and a fee of $100 shall be deducted from the bond.



All loses, breakages or damages must be reported and may require payment for to the satisfaction of the owner. This cost shall be deducted from the bond.



The booking is made in good faith by Allocate at the time of the booking. Actions taken by the owner are beyond our control, such as the property being sold, or the property taken off the rental market, the property being altered, or the tariff changed before the stay. Therefore Allocate reserve the right to cancel any booking should anything arise which renders the booking impractical. In the event we shall notify you as soon as possible and do our best to arrange alternative accommodation on dates suitable to you, failing which all bond monies will be refunded.

The description of the property is made in good faith from information supplied by the owner but no responsibility for incorrect description nor omissions can be accepted.

Allocate are not responsible for the property not ‘meeting the expectations’ of the accommodation required.


  1. Neither tents nor caravans are allowed on the property.


  1. No refund shall be made for early departure or refusal to stay at the property.

  1. Furniture must not be moved from the position they were found in or $100 will be deducted from the bond.

  2. If the house is not vacated by the time shown on the Application Form the landlord has the right to claim an extra day’s rent to be deducted from the bond.

  1. After the property is vacated the owner or the owner’s representative shall make an inspection of the property and their decision as to the state of the property, or damage caused is final.


  1. Disputes regarding damage, cleaning or rubbish will not be entered into unless reported to our office upon arrival at the premises.

  1. Allocate is not liable for any damage caused to guest’s property or person. No responsibility is taken for personal property left on the premises.

  1. All commercial activities prohibited at the property.


The person who signed the Application Form is solely responsible for the booking and this person undertakes that they have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions. This person becomes solely responsible for the care of the rental property, its contents and its surrounds. This person must exercise due care in anticipating problems that may arise out of environmental changes causing damage to the property or its contents. This person’s name must exactly match the name provided at the time of the booking. This person must supply full name, residential address, drivers license or passport details and a mobile phone number to ensure they are contactable during their stay at Holiday rental. This person must supply full names and ages of all guests staying at property on Letting Agreement to be signed and returned by balance payment and security bond payment.

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